Why Tahoe Wedding Videos?

 At Tahoe Wedding Videos our passion and desire is to create a captivating and unforgettable story of one of the most important days of your life. We want you to be able to share your special day, as you remember it, with family and friends for years to come.  We truly believe every love story deserves to be remembered!

When you hire Tahoe Wedding Videos, you'll be sure that you're getting a professional quality product that you're guaranteed to love! We're partnered with one of the most reputable wedding video companies in the southwest, SUFO Films, who have a proven track record of satisfied clients. You'll be happy to know that we have years of experience in the wedding video industry and SUFO Films stands by us as a company that they know and trust. 

Visit their website at www.sufofilms.com for more information.

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At Tahoe Wedding Videos, our passion and desire is to create a captivating and unforgettable story of one of the most important days of your life. Along with our passion to capture that memory, we also aspire to make it affordable. Each of our packages range in price to meet your overall budget. Our hope is that you can find one of those options, meet with our team, and let us take care of everything else.  We understand that planning a wedding can be stressful - we want to ensure that hiring a videographer isn't a part of the stress.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I create my own wedding package?

Absolutely! Individualized packages may be created by contacting us. A good place to start is nailing down how many hours of coverage you'll need, how many videographers, and how much you're budgeting for video services.


What is a Wedding Music Video?

Wedding Music Videos are one of our most popular services that we have to offer and our clients LOVE them! It is an engaging video which is 3-5 min long that highlights the entire wedding day. There is no audio from speeches or vows. It is simply a cinematic highlight film that plays to a beautiful sound track to quickly capture your love story in 3-5 min! This is great for sharing on social media and it's the perfect length to keep your viewers entertained.

What is a Wedding Feature Film?

Our Wedding Feature Film is very similar to the Wedding Music Video, but with much more content and detail. It tells your story in a cinematic fashion, includes the most important events of the day, and has a run-time of about 7-12 minutes. This includes audio from the ceremony, toasts as well as interviews with bride and groom. This gives the bride and groom a chance to fully express their love for one another, in a video that'll last a lifetime.


What is a Documentary Film?

We edit together every clip we shot throughout the entire day into a single documentary style edit so that you don't miss a single moment. This is a much better option than "raw footage" because we save you the time and energy in opening a ton of different clips from your hard drive that gets presented to you from the "raw footage" option. This documentary film is a non creative style edit, without music or cinematic editing, but a great way to receive all your footage that we shot on your big day in one long video that is in chronological order, giving you the real time feel of your wedding day. The ceremony, dances and toasts will be edited together using multiple camera angles. 


What is a Same Day Loop?

Our Same Day Loops provide a beautiful and unique experience for you and your guests. Towards the end of the reception, we will have a 3-5 min highlight of your wedding day ready and edited that can be viewed while guests are winding down after an unforgettable wedding. This gets looped over and over again until the conclusion of reception. We accomplish this by having an additional team member working on a mobile editing station throughout the day. Perhaps the best part is, as everyone's watching, we film their reactions and include them in your final video. If you want the WOW factor for your wedding day, this is a must add option!

**Note that the venue must have a projector and screen for this option to be available***


What is your turnaround time?

Every project is different, but we typically complete projects within 1-2 weeks. Our schedule is also a factor, so sometimes we’re able finish projects sooner than normal. For our Wedding Music Videos, we have those turned around and delivered within the first week of your wedding day. That way you can show everyone as soon as possible! For our Wedding Feature Films, we usually have those completed within 2-3 weeks from your wedding day. 


Can I pick my own music?

Sure! We'll send you a link to some of the great artists we use and you can choose from there. Please note that we cannot use most "professional" songs you hear on the radio for your highlight or feature package because of strict copyright laws. We do, however, have amazing artists from which we can buy the copyrights.


Do you do destination weddings?

We LOVE filming destination weddings! Let us know where your wedding will take place, and we will plug you into our GPS! Additional travel fees will be determined and added to the total cost of your package. Travel fees vary depending on the location of the desired wedding site. We will discuss and outline travel fees at the time the contract is made. We currently service the Lake Tahoe area, as well as Phoenix and Tucson areas for no additional fees.


Do we do photography?

We do not do photography but know a TON of great choices to send your way!


What is the next step after we choose Tahoe Wedding Videos?

Shoot us an email by filling out the information on our contact page and we will schedule a meeting to discuss your wonderful day!